Miniatures/Fairy Gardens

Blue Birdhouse
Product ID : BHBW
Rustic whimsical blue mini birdhouse
Colorful Pinwheel (Blue)
Product ID : PWBC
Colorful pinwheel primarily blue
Colorful Pinwheel (Pink)
Product ID : PWPC
Colorful pinwheel primarily pink
Colorful Pinwheel (Yellow)
Product ID : PWYC
Colorful pinwheel with a yellow back
Cherry Birdhouse
Product ID : BHCH
Birdhouse with cherry decor
Simple Fairy in Peach
Product ID : FSPE
Simple mini fairy in peach
Simple Fairy in Yellow
Product ID : FSY
Simple mini fairy in yellow
Simple Fairy in Pink
Product ID : FSP
Simple mini fairy in pink
Simple Fairy in Purple
Product ID : FSPU
Simple mini fairy in purple
Simple Fairy in Light Green
Product ID : FSLG
Simple mini fairy in light green
Yellow Fairy with Pearl
Product ID : FEYG
Enchanting yellow fairy holding a pearl
Purple Fairy with Pearl
Product ID : FEPU
Enchanting purple fairy holding pearl
Rustic American Birdhouse
Product ID : BHAM
Rustic Americana birdhouse
Simple Iron Bridge
Product ID : BRMR
Mini simple iron bridge
Three Panel Trellis in White
Product ID : TR3W
A 3 panel white trellis
Three Panel Trellis in Rust
Product ID : TR3R
A 3 panel rustic trellis
Yellow Fancy Mini Umbrella
Product ID : UMFY
Yellow Fancy Umbrella
Dew Drop Inn
Product ID : DDI
Adorable little fairy tree house
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